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Our services

How can we help to get you started under UK REACH?
o Check whether your substance could be exempted from the registration under UK REACH; and
o Check whether registration transitional provisions are possible: DUIN or new registration; and
o DUIN submission to HSE; and
o Inquiry submission prior to full registration to HSE if a new registration is required.

DUIN is required - Action from now on!
If you (non-GB company who holds an EU REACH registration) have or will have business in the UK, we will gladly provide advice and support for gathering all relevant data for a quickest DUIN. Our recommendation:
o List all substances that you will export to the UK; and
o Calculate the registration tonnage band based on your current (potential) business; and
o Prepare for the data/information which is required for a DUIN, maybe working with your EU-based OR together,
e.g. substance identification data etc.; and
o Enrich your knowledge on UK REACH; and
o Communication in the supply chain (direct and indirect export into the UK).

GEELIO UK REACH consulting service
We offer services in all areas covered by UK REACH for the clients placing their chemical products on the UK market, e.g.
o OR service together with our partner's legal entity in the UK
(takeover of OR function and basic substance coverage etc.) ; and
o DUIN submission; and
o Full registration support (Co-registration service/Lead registration service); and
o Negotiation with data owner for legal data access (Letter of Access) for the purpose for UK REACH registration; and
o Developing a regulatory strategy, incl. testing strategy for UK REACH registration (in case that a substance would also be registered under EU REACH and/or China REACH and some new testing is required, a testing strategy would be developed based on the requirements of the relevant regulations); and
o Study monitoring incl. support in reviewing study plan and study report; and
o More...

We are looking forward to answering your questions and ensure that we are helpful in every possible way.


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