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REACH Service

Only Representative for non-EU manufacturer & Third Party Service for EU-manufacture/importer/downstream user

Impact analysis - we will check whether and how REACH affects the clients and give them individual information.

Defining substance exemptions - we will check the classified substance as exempt by REACH Annexes IV and V.

(Late) Pre-Registration - For Non-EU clients: carry out (Late) Pre-Registration: for EU Client: support  them to carry out (Late)Pre-Registration and help them to fill out if necessary.

Collecting and inspecting all available data -  we will check existing documentation for completeness in accordance with REACH, e.g. safety data sheet.

Database analysis - We will review which data are necessary for the registration of clients´substances.

Closing data gap - We will suggest how to close data gaps pursuant ECHA´s guidance

Testing advice - We will draw up a testing proposal for a testing. Clients can also commission us to carry out the tests.

Submission data in IUCLID 5 Format - we submitt the substance data in IUCLID 5 Format.

Conducting CSA & CSR - We will draw up a substance assessment (CSA) and compile a chemical safety report (CSR) with clients.

Hazard assessment - We will issue proposals for classification and designation for the existing data based.

Exposure evaluation - Such as by using validated models or through measurements we will assess exposure.

Registration - We will support the clients by dossier submission.

Communication - we will negotiate with ECHA and other relevant parties in connection with clients for their dossier submission.





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