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Which chemicals are affected by China GHS?

Chemicals that meet either of the below requirements are subject to China GHS:
- Chemicals listed in the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals
- Chemicals that can be identified as hazardous based on hazard identification

The current Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals (2015) consists of 2828 entries, with more than 2800 substances for which the official GHS classification has been published.

The hazardous chemicals in the Catalogue might be further classified into the following categories and each category requires different management measures, e.g.:
- Catalogue of Highly Toxic Chemicals;
- Catalogue of Precursors for Explosives;
- Prohibited Chemicals (2005);
- List of Toxic Chemicals Restricted to be Imported/Exported;
- List of Priority Hazardous Chemicals for Environment Management;
- List of 60 Hazardous Chemicals for Priority Management;
- Catalogue of Industrial Products;
- Catalogue of Hazardous Waste;
- List of highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals for which transportation is prohibited on inland waterways;

Companies selling chemicals to China and chemical companies in China are required to adopt these standards to classify, label and package chemicals as well as prepare safety data sheets in accordance with the requirements of China GHS as from 1 May 2011.


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