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Safety Data Sheet Standard

The national standard related to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in China is "Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Products Content and Order of Sections" (GB/T 16483-2008). This standard was entered into force in February 2009. It specifies the structure, content and format of SDS in line with China GHS. The format and content of the China GHS SDS is almost identical to the SDS required under the EU CLP, both maintaining 16 headings to keep consistency with the UN GHS, listed as follows:

1. Identification
2. Hazard identification
3. Composition/information on ingredients
4. First-aid measures
5. Fire-fighting measures
6. Accidental release measures
7. Handling and storage
8. Exposure controls/personal protection
9. Physical and chemical properties
10. Stability and reactivity
11. Toxicological information
12. Ecological information
13. Disposal considerations
14. Transport information
15. Regulatory information
16. Other information

However, the content of each 16 section is further broken down into sub-sections under China GHS. When using titles for sub-sections, they are advised to be sequenced according to the order specified in Appendix A to SDS National Standard GB/T16483-2008.

The second important standard is GB/T 17519-2013 "Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets for chemical products" which came into effect in January 2014. This recommended standard contains detailed guidances for safety data sheets which are authored in China.


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