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After the notification

The CRC-MEP assesses the data after the completion of the notification procedure and classifies the new substance as "general" or "hazardous". After 50-90 days an official certificate is being issued. The concrete time window depends on the type of notification.

This certificate contains the classification of the substance, the name of the certificate holder, the field of usage of the chemical, and the tier for which it was registered. Should the applicant be a Chinese company then it is the certificate holder, if it is a foreign company then the only representative will be the certificate holder and the name of the foreign company will also be mentioned.

The certificate holder has to fulfill more obligations after the issuance of the certificate.

Should a chemical be registered with the simplified notification procedure then a yearly report has to be submitted by January the 31st which contains information about the import and manufacturing quantities. If a chemical is classified as "hazardous" than additional reports are required. They have to cover risk assessment and environmental impact. All original documents need to be stored for 10 years.

A substance, which was notified with the regular notification and is classified as "general" will be listed in the IECSC after 5 years and then be an "old" substance. If the substance should be classified as "hazardous" or "hazardous chemical substance of priority environmental concern" then the certificate holder is required to file a report with all activities of that substance with the CRC-MEP. The CRC-MEP will reassess the hazard information and decide if the substance will be listed in the IECSC.

A new notification might be necessary if the desired usage of the chemical or the yearly quantity changes. A new complete application has to be filed, but existing documents can be used.


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